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Antenatal Program

Antenatal Program and Lamaze Class

 This is also called as Antenatal class/childbirth education class/Prenatal Class


•The Antenatal program designed by Dr Rekha Thakur follows the standards of Lamaze International

•The classes are conducted by  her(She is an Obstetrician and also a Lamaze Trained Childbirth Educator) 

•Classes are small and personalized, providing individualized care depending on the antenatal history.

•Mode of teaching is different- the classes have interactive sessions, demonstrations, audio-visuals, work-outs and lot of hands on training

•Provides the couple with evidence based information to help them in informed decision making

•Emphasis is given to importance of relaxation techniques, exercises, yoga, music, dance, good nutrition etc in pregnancy and childbirth

•The strategies and exercises taught in the class facilitates natural childbirth thus increasing the chance of natural childbirth

•Special sessions for breastfeeding, newborn baby care, postpartum care and pain management.


The Classes are for the couples

Conducted on every weekends

Total No Of Classes -8



Lot of interactions and discussion
Everyclass starts with the discussion on the doubts pertaing to previous class
Topics are discussed indepth
No time bound class get extended to 3hrs or from 8sessions to 10sessions at the same cost due to healthy interaction
Classes are flexible to suit every couple.If they miss on any class, individual sessions are conducted for them.
Strategies taught in the class actually increases the chances of normal delivery
Prepares the partner completely to handle the mother and the baby throught our labour, delivery and afterbirth
The problem areas are discussed in details and prepares the couple for decision making

Dr. Rekha Thakur MBBS , MS - Obstetrics And Gynaecology Gynecologist , Obstetrician , 15 Years Experience

She has over 15 yrs of experience in treating women with pregnancy and gynaecological problems using clinical best practices and protocols. She has worked with the best and international hospitals of Delhi and NCR for last 15yrs.

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