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Postnatal Clinic

You have your dream child in your hand.

Wellstar Clinic has developed excellent programs for the new family keeping in mind the physical and
psychological need of the mother, father and the darling baby. The experienced team members offer you
round the clock care and support in the following ways…...

  • Routine checkup of the mother by the obstetrician and the baby by the neonatologist.
  • Consultation with the nutritionist.
  • Help and guide the mother with breast feeding problems
  • Guide the father to support the mother and the baby effectively
  • Discover the psychological problems of the new moms early if any and help the mother to overcome it.
  • Provide home and telephonic support to the moms if required.

Dr. Rekha Thakur MBBS , MS - Obstetrics And Gynaecology Gynecologist , Obstetrician , 15 Years Experience

She has over 15 yrs of experience in treating women with pregnancy and gynaecological problems using clinical best practices and protocols. She has worked with the best and international hospitals of Delhi and NCR for last 15yrs.

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